CPR and FirstAid​


S.H.E.R. provides experienced instruction in CPR training for individualized private instruction and classes for groups of adults with diverse needs.


S.H.E.R.'s professional instructors conduct training in formal institutional settings and informal community settings.


S.H.E.R. created a specialized CPR first aid program designed specifically for new parents.


S.H.E.R.'s instructors are flexible in serving a wide range of needs in first aid training situations, including educating older children, young adults and other’s responsible for the care of infants and young children.


S.H.E.R. values the importance of education by conducting training programs and information sessions in elementary, high school and college classrooms to heighten student’s cross-cultural awareness and perception of the needs of communities outside their own.


Geography, culture, and economics affect health and nutrition. Education is the link that facilitates the empowerment of people in all communities to help each other and with the necessary resources they can also help themselves.


S.H.E.R. invites collaboration with health professionals who have valuable skills to contribute to or expand our on-going program in Guatemala and beyond.


Let us know how you would like to be involved!



Helping babies survive 
Collaborative Community Support Projects:


Essential Care for Every Baby


1. Helping Babies Breathe 


2. Helping Babies Survive 


3. Family Health


4. Women's education access


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Information Sharing Community Empowerment

Collaborative           projects

Working together

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